Swegway UK Certified Shop



We are a Swegway Store that stock many different safe, Tested and Certified Swegways (Hoverboards) along with all Skate Park/Action Sports Products. Unlike a lot of the companies you see on the net we aren't a Swegway brand, hence we will only sell what we know and believe to be the best.

If you haven't heard of a swegway you might know it as a hoverboard, balance board and came to the public's eye because of various celebrities or funny YouTube videos of people falling off them. These 2 wheeled hoverboards are the must have last mile transport device as they glide across most surfaces and are a lot of fun. All of our swegways have been tested and are as safe as any electrical product can be. We have all the documents and as a company even been out to the factories to see with our own eyes the assembly line.

There are two styles of swegways, hoverboards sold at Librance and depending on the surface or what you are looking to do depends on the model. We have the standard 6.5 inch tire model which is ideal for smooth surfaces and then we have the larger model with all terrain Off Road 8.5 Inch tyres which will ride across grass, sand and along dirt tracks.

The 6.5 Inch swegways sold at Librance will reach a top speed of 10 kph depending on the user weight, turn 180 degrees on the spot and will travel approx 6 km on a single charge. The 8.5 Off Road Swegway will reach 15 kph and has an app that tracks your distance, speed and battery life. All models come with Bluetooth so you can link with your phone and play your music.

We have a showroom in the West of Scotland, just outside Glasgow in Clydebank where you are able to visit us. If you are else where in the UK then we have quick, free and hassle free delivery.