Stunt Scooters

Stunt Scooters

Stunt Scooters

Trick and Pro Stunt Scooters

Librance Action Sports stock a fantastic range of stunt scooters. Amongst our selection, we have some of the leading brands including, MGP, Grit, Sacrifice, Crisp Pheonix and Chilli Pro. The range of stunt scooters from Librance is suitable for all ages and skill levels, from total beginner to the top professional standard.

Beginner Stunt Scooters

Entry level stunt scooters are lightweight and much easier to manage, making them ideal for young children and beginners. They may be entry level, but that doesn't mean they lack in quality! These scooters are often smaller versions of the higher class models, so will still feature HIC compression, fast spinning bearings and alloy core wheels. In this class, you can find best sellers including the Grit Fluxx Stunt scooter.

Intermediate Stunt Scooters

For those who have progressed through the beginner stages and require something a little stronger, we have a vast range of intermediate level scooters. Intermediate riders will look for wider deck a handle bars, bigger wheels and stronger compression systems. You'll find a diverse range of intermediate level stunt scooters available at Librance. These scooters are stronger and more durable than their entry level counterparts. Our best sellers from this class include the MGP VX8 Team range.

Pro Stunt Scooters

At the top end of the market, you'll find the best of the best. The Pro stunt scooters. These models have a much wider deck to let riders tackle bigger jumps while providing a softer landing. Experienced riders will want to check out the MPG VX8 Extreme and Nitro Stunt Scooters. No matter if you're just breaking the ice with stunts or are a seasoned pro, you’ll find a stunt scooter to match your age and skill level online today at Librance Action Sports.