Skateboarding has been growing and developing since the 1940's. These first boards were simply bits of wood with a couple of roller skate wheels strapped to the bottom. Naturally things have changed since then into the sport we know and love today. There is now an estimated 11 million skaters worldwide which is truly amazing. To keep this sport expanding into the next decade we try to provide everything we can for all our skateboarding customers so they can in turn keep the art of skating at the forefront of extreme actions sports.

So if you are just a beginner looking to get started or an expert with years of experience, we have something for everyone. Our entry level and intermediate complete skateboards are really popular. Buying a complete skateboard will always work out a little cheaper than buying each part individually so they are really good as a first or second skateboard because not only are you getting more value for your money, but also still receiving great quality from all the best skateboard brands in the industry.

Skaters that have been riding for a long time will be better suited with buying all the specific parts individually because you will demand the very best from each component. Your needs will be more specific and tailored so finding the perfect set of trucks or harder durometer wheels will be much more important. As such we are pleased to offer a vast range of individual parts including Skateboard trucks, wheels, decks, bearings and hard wear.

Librance Action Sports has many fond memories with skateboarding and as we think back over the fantastic times we have shared together, we can't help but smile. It's these feelings that makes us want to put a smile on all of your lovely faces, so we try our very best to keep all our prices realistic and competitive so every rider, big or small can start to taste the same emotions that we have been so lucky to experience before.