Skateboard Wheels - Bones, Spitfire & Santa Cruz



Skateboard wheels are perhaps the most personal component of your complete set up. Depending on which style of riding you are favour more will have an influence on your new wheel choice. Skateboard wheels come in many different sizes and polyurethane compounds. Here at Librance Action Sports we always try to have a broad selection for you to choose from. We understand that it can be a hard decision so we always here to help if you need our personal opinions and advice.

A durometer rating is a measurement of hardness. Typically you will find ratings on the side wall of the wheel like "95A" or "79A". A higher rating means a harder wheel, likewise a lower rating describes a softer wheel.

Riders that prefer technical, street, park or vert skating will almost always ride hard compound wheels. Because of their smooth grippy feel they are easier to control. These wheels will give you that added pop to your set up. A rough suggestion of rating in our opinion would be to stick to somewhere around the 97A mark or above.

All you cruisers and longboard riders out there will be looking some wheels that is a little bit more forgiving. A durometer rating of around 78A will give you the perfect feeling to help combat bumpy and uneven surfaces.

Wheels size also make a difference to how a skateboard will feel and perform. Wheels will have an affect on turn radius, speed and acceleration. Smaller wheels are more popular with Street or Park riding, sitting lower to the ground with lightweight design helps with more technical tricks so a wheel size of around 50 MM is perfect.

Longboarders and other cruiser riders who prefer big lazy turns tend to require larger wheels to give them speed and stability. These wheels can be anything form 64 to 75 MM in size. A Bigger wheel will allow you to ride faster, because a single turn of each wheel will cover more distance.