Skateboard Grip Tape, MOB, Mini Logo Sheets

Grip Tape

Grip Tape

Griptape is essential for your skateboard, It's a great way to keep your complete set up looking fresh. Griptape is designed to keep your feet locked onto the board and to stop you from slipping off when you are performing all your favourite tricks and stunts. So you can ollie and carve away without feeling like you are going to fly off your deck.

Griptape comes in loads of different colours, prints and designs so it's perfect for your own personal looks and style. Perhaps the most common griptape is the jet black for MOB griptape, it's low cost and features little perforated holes to stop air bubbles when it's getting fitted for the first time - it's a great help, trust us.

Sheets of griptape are usually just the same 9 Inch size so it's great for almost all park, vert and bowl boards. If you ride a cruiser or longboard, remember to order two sheets so you have enough to cover all of your deck. Longboarders often prefer a more coarse stickier griptape because of the higher speeds they ride at, they need something that is really gonna keep their feet glue in.

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