Skateboard Bearings including Bone Reds, Indys, Mini logos, sushi and Ceramic Bearings



Skateboard bearings are a great way to easily update the feel and performance of your complete skateboard set up. Changing a set of bearings can be an inexpensive way to keep your board up to date and feeling good. Check out our great range of affordable bearing sets for example Sushi or Mini logo and accessorises such a Bones speed cream to keep your current bearing sets running fast and smooth.

There are two main types of skateboard bearings - Steel & Ceramic. Because each bearing is circular in shape, they have the space or around 7 to 9 ball bearings. These ball bearings are designed to spread the weight load between the skateboard axle and wheels. Steel bearings are generally cheaper and are most popular with skateboarder from each discipline, for example street, vert or bowl skating.

At times steel bearings can heat up and expand due to heavy use and friction so the other option for skaters are ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings are less effected by heat so therefore are much more durable and longer lasting. Usually ceramic skateboard bearings are more expensive so do carry a higher premium but are much higher in performance over steel. They should be worth the cost because you won't need to replace them as often. The choice is yours .....

If you are stuck for choice, why not pop down to see us at our Librance Action Sport showroom. We have each bearing set on display so you can see them all out and we can provide you with our own personal opinions and advice.