Sabre Longboard, Skateboard Trucks


Over 8 years ago Sabre presented their first prototype to the world and well the rest is history. The longoard trucks brand quickly made a few world firsts in truck development which now comes as standard with many other following companies including cold forging, a process stronger than standard casting. They were the first in the world to offer an 8-hole baseplate which allows the rider more flexibility when setting up their board for more choice in wheelbase length. Also, they were the first to produce hollow king pins and axles as standard on the trucks to reduce weight without impacting the strength.

Paris Truck Co have been at the forefront of their game since the start and continue to keep perfecting the techniques and processes used in their creation process. Some of the trucks we know and love today have taken anywhere between 6 months to several years to run from concept to final completed product. Before the final release of a product all truck models are rider tested and finally stress tested mechanically far beyond what any rider could throw at it. This includes strength tests and thousands of miles of road testing.