Roller Skates for boys and girls

Our Brand new Roller Skate collection now features all the main types of Roller Skating including Inline, Aggressive, Quad and Roller Derby. At Librance Action Sports, we pride ourselves in being able to supply all our customers with the very best Skate Brands available, we always try to keep our prices competitive and affordable so we always have Skates to meet everyone's price range.

Being able to to cater for all ages & all sizes means we have Skates for both children and adults + boys and girls. There are now so many different styles to choose from. Soft shell roller boots are often the go to Skate for younger children and adults just starting out because they are comfortable and soft. They are great for general use and are easy to use because of their big forgiving chunky wheels that ride over all surfaces. They often feature a snug trainer like fit with great ankle support so your feet don't hurt after a days riding.

Roller Derby boots are more hard wearing and durable due to the demands that they are expected to go through. Racing in Roller skates means that Derby Skates have fast spinning bearings capable of much higher top speeds.

Inline Aggressive skates are the designed to be the best standard for greater comfort and control. Aggressive inline wheel are smaller for more agility and stability for more demanding tricks and stunts.

We have a great number of parts and accessories to go with your Roller skates. Skate wheels are a great way to keep your skates feeling newer and fresher for longer, they come in different sizes and styles so you can match your style of riding with a specific wheel. Skate Bearings are easy to replace and fit. Faster speeds can be achieved with a higher Abec rating for instance Abec 7 or 9. A lot of other Skate bearings brands prefer quality over speed so you can choose are more longer lasting bearing that will keep their performance for longer in their lifetime.

Check out Librance Action Sports for our complete section of Roller Skate products and take advantage of our great deals and offers. Remember all orders over £30 or more will receive our FREE UK delivery service.