Powell Peralta Skateboard

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is one of skateboarding's top brands. The American company rose in popularity in 1978, when the real buzz in skating reached new levels in the 1980's, Powell Peralta we at the forefront of the skating communities.

Powell Peralta now manufacture a whole range of skateboard equipment including decks, trucks and wheels as well as the famous Bones Bearings which are super popular with skaters. Librance action sports is the best place to find all these awesome products at great affordable prices. We have complete set up as well which are perfect for anyone just starting out and looking for their first complete set up, they have everything pre assembled so no building work is required - they tend to cost between £80 to £100 so can be a great option rather that choosing each individual parts which can make the whole set up more expensive. We do have both decks, trucks and wheels at Librance for the more experienced riders.