Huge range of everything Penny. Complete Penny skateboards, longboards, decks, trucks wheel bearings and bolts.

The Librance Action Sport team have so much to say about Penny skateboards. We feel they are one of the top brands in cruising skateboards. At Librance you can find a large range of the very latest 2016 Penny Skateboards, as well as loads of different products and accessories to go along with them, all at affordable prices. We are happy to offer you great value and service across all our fantastic Penny products.

Browsing through our large extensive collections, you will find we have two different sizes of Penny Skateboards. We have 22 Inch Original and 27 Inch Nickel styles. The 22 Inch Original boards are smaller, more versatile and easier to carry. The 27 Inch Nickel styles are slightly bigger, more stable and offer a more comfortable standing platform. Whichever size you decide on, you can be sure to expect fantastic build quality and top performance.

We have loads of different looks to choose from including, the brand new 2016 Penny Blackout and Penny Burgundy. These cool skateboards arrive pre assembled with everything you need to get started. With both sized boards, they feature really great soft Penny wheels and lightweight trucks. The wheels are 59 MM wide and their urethane rating is 83 A. You can really feel how much they just want to glide over every surface. Because of their durometer, these wheels are soft and they really do help to reduce vibrations when you're out skating.

Custom Penny skateboards are very popular with all our Librance customers. Choose your favourite Penny skateboard deck, Penny wheels, Penny trucks and Penny nut + bolts and bearings and we'll have it put together by our skate technicians, all ready for you to go to the skate park or local skate spot. Remember, if the Penny deck size is Origianl 22 Inch then it's the 3 Inch Penny trucks that fit. If its the 27 Inch Nickel skateboard deck then its the 4 Inch Penny skateboard trucks. The 59 MM Penny wheels fit both sizes, as well as the nuts, bolts and bearings.

Happy shopping!