Penny Skateboards 22 inch original pre-built complete classics, fade and graphic series

Penny Original 22 Inch

Penny Original 22 Inch

At Librance we are really pleased and proud to offer one of the most cool and trendy cruising skateboards available in store and online. Penny skateboards are just perfect for skating and we believe they are one of the smoothest ride you can find. With our extensive collection we are happy to offer you great value across all our Penny gear. The brand new 2016 models have just arrived and they are looking better than ever.

Our Pre built 22 Inch Original Penny skateboards have everything pre-assembled so they are ready for you cruise your local neighbourhood and skate park without any building required. Each and every single Penny skateboard is painstakingly built from the very best high quality materials, in fact the plastic compound each Penny deck is created from has been designed to be chip resistant so your new Penny skateboard should stay in better condition for longer.

They really stand out with their iconic looks and sleek design that has made Penny skateboards into the huge brand it is today. The new 2016 designs such as Blackout and Burgundy have arrived with us and they look superb. The Penny wheels are 59 mm wide and are 83 A urethane graded, meaning they feel very soft, comfortable and really fast thanks to the Abec 7 bearings inserted into each wheel.

The Penny trucks are 3 Inches wide and are made with their hard wearing aluminium build design. They are super lightweight and durable. The Penny nuts and bolts supplied with each set up is high grade and extremely strong. They always match the look of each Penny, so they always looks awesome.