Trotter One Wheel Hoverboard Electric Skateboard



The Trotter brand are a well established and make some fantastic fun products. Currently we stock the Trotter One wheel is a self balancing single wheeled electric skateboard that will literally ride over anything. The Trotter One Wheel is also known as a Hoverboard (even though there is a wheel touching the ground) but it feels just like you are riding a skateboard, surfboard or a snowboard.

The Trotter Hoverboard comes with a chunky, extremely hard wearing pneumatic tyre, hence called the One Wheel and it is great as a last mile device for urban commuting as it has a cruising speed at a maximum speed of 20 km/h and will keep your riding for 18-25 km! They are loads of fun to make long sweeping lazy turns.

It uses gyros, accelerometers, proprietary algorithms and its direct drive motor pairs with the aforementioned components to determine the board's speed based on a how you lean your body. The further you lean over your front foot or back the faster the One Wheel Trotter will go.

The Trotter One Wheel Hover boards takes no more than 2 hours to charge as it has a Samsung Lithium ion battery which along with all the other Trotter One Wheel components has been fully tested.

Getting on does take time, just like riding a bike. But, if you take a look at our tutorial video below this will help you out.

As you will see we stock the full range of colours from Trotter being Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and have listed the features below.


Overall Dimensions - 741 x 259 x 280 mm
The distance between the board pedal and ground - 174.5 mm
Tire dimensions - 280 mm
Overall total weight - 13.9 kg
Maximum speed - 20 km/h
Driving mileage between charge 18-25 km
Maximum climbing angle 20 degrees
Maximum load weight 120 kg
Minimum load weight 50 kg
Total charging time - 2 hours