MGP Complete Stunt Scooters & Skateboards

MGP (Madd Gear Pro)

MGP (Madd Gear Pro)

MGP Complete Stunt Scooters and Skateboards from the Librance UK Skate Shop. Madd Gear Pro are more than just a typical Stunt Scooter and Skateboard brand, they have a well recognised history of not only making some of the most celebrated and modern designed Stunt Scooters but they are also the most durable and best quality scooters that money can buy.

Here are the official Librance/Madd Gear Pro UK Skate Shop we have the very latest range - The brand new MGP VX7 collection. This diverse line of kids Stunt Scooters has one of the biggest selection to choose from including entry level scooters for young riders just starting out and need a suitable stunt scooter to help them develop their skills as well as professional standard scooters for advanced riders who need a stunt scooter to be able to stand up to the rigours of competition demands.

Starting at the lower cost beginner stunt scooters we have the new MGP VX7 Pro Stunt Scooters, these entry level models are perfect for younger boys and girls that are looking for a lightweight two wheeled scooter with a smaller deck and handle bar size. It still has a strong compression system to withstand bumps and falls as the rider learns new tricks and skills. The MGP VX7 Pro comes in loads of bright and colourful designs so there really is loads of choice.

A level up is the MGP VX7 Team Edition Stunt Scooter, this very popular scooter offers, in our opinion the pinnacle of design, style, build quality and value for money. The MGP VX7 Team Stunt Scooter has a wider deck, bigger handle bars and stronger internal compression/clamp to be able to withstand more abuse from the rider. This years MGP VX7 Team scooters still have the iconic polished silver handlebars plus the choice of loads of deck colours, there is also now a range of Neo Chrome styles to choose from including Neo Black, Neo Red, Neo Green and Neo Blue.

Up next are the more advance MGP VX7 Nitro and MGP VX7 Extreme Stunt Scooters. These represent to very best in Scooter performance and offer the biggest deck and bars sizes, they also have the biggest wheels coming in at 120 MM.

The MGP Skateboards offer top quality components combined with some cool graphics and prints. These Beginner skateboards are really affordable and are perfect for youngsters that need their very first skateboard to learn to ride on and begin to master ollies and tricks. They come in a number of different sizes from 7.5 Inch up to 8 Inch so depending on what each rider want to use the board for you can buy a size that is suitable, a smaller board will be great for street riding and park tricks, a bigger board will be perfect for overall general use and bowl riding.

Check out our full MGP Madd Gear Pro range including Stunt Scooters and Skateboards at Librance Action Sports, the official MGP Skate Shop UK Retailer. We have a great UK shop and we always try to have as much stock as possible for our customers to choose from. We keep our prices competitive and offer all year round discounts and offers so you can always get some great deals.