MGP Stunt Scooters VX5, VX6, VX7 Pro Team Nitro and Extreme Limited Editions

MGP Stunt Scooters

MGP Stunt Scooters

Librance Action Sports have been supplying the nation with a whole host of great MGP stunt scooters and accessories. Thankfully we have a very close relationship with this top scooter brand and we are proud of our partnership together. MGP have been at the forefront in developing new hard wearing and high standard crafted stunt scooters that can stand up to the demands of professional riders and also boys and girls that are just starting out and need a scooter that will help them grow and develop new skills, tricks and stunts. Building stunt scooters that can stand up to these demands is no easy feat, they need to be lightweight, sturdy and been made from only the very best hard wearing materials. Madd Gear Pro just gets it right, every time. And MGP stunt scooters stand out for these very reasons.

The brand new MGP stunt scooters VX7 range has been worked on with dedication and attention to detail never before seen on a new scooter. The new hydro wrap graphic process is a revolutionary development and is now seen as the bench mark for other brands to compete with. Here at Librance Action Sports we could not be happier and the Librance Scooter Team think this is their best collection yet and we can't wait to show it to you all. The feeling of riding your new MGP VX7 stunt scooter for the first time is something that we can't put into words, it's just that good. We personally couldn’t go a day without riding our MGP scooters!

With the new VX7 range, there really is something for everyone; from top adult men and women professional riders to younger boys and girls. The entry level Madd Gear Pro VX7 Mini Pro is perfect for little groms just starting out their scooter careers into stunt scooters. The MGP stunt scooters VX7 Mini Pro deck has developed by building in strength and reducing weight to make this scooter stronger and easier to handle. The highest quality 6061 T4 and T6 heat treated alloy creates a 4 Inch wide deck with 3 degree concave to keep feet planted for stronger landings and more feel.

When we talk about affordable MGP scooters, the VX7 Team is absolutely the best value for money stunt scooter that you can buy at the moment. The new VX7 Team Edition has components and quality that you would normally find on more expensive top end performance stunt scooters. You get a lot of scooter for your money with this MGP Team Edition. The VX7 Team Edition from the MGP stunt scooters range looks like an expensive scooter and it performs like a high end scooter… so what’s not to love.

The new MGP VX7 Extreme scooter range is at the high end of the new collection of MGP scooters. With wider deck size and brand new lightweight aero aluminium bars. They are 25 Inch by 24 Inch so they match the overall bigger qualities of the Extreme stunt scooter. Each different colour model in the NEW VX7 MGP stunt scooters range has its own characteristics and designs, for example the new Chalk Explosion, Paint Splash and Swirls Rave all look completely different and uniquely limited edition so they are very popular.