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The American based Lucky Stunt Scooters brand started back in 2008 as a bespoke custom scooter parts company, mainly out of a local garage in Sammamish, Washington.

With the aftermarket parts becoming more and more popular and growing rapidly in loyal customers, Lucky decided to take the plunge and start creating and selling high-end quality complete setup stunt scooters. In the early days of Lucky's history, creating different innovative designs were key to its success. To build unbreakable parts of the highest quality, the company operated a trial and error system. Once the technique was cracked, Lucky work alongside the best designers and illustrators to perfect the best hard-wearing ride with superior quality.

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At Librance Action Sports, anyone looking for a new Lucky Stunt Scooter is really spoiled for choice. No matter what your age or ability is, we have you covered. The Lucky Crew Stunt Scooter is perfect for any entry level rider who is just starting out and is looking for their first stunt scooter. It's durable and lightweight so the Crew will help you learn, grow and dial in all your favourite tricks and stunts.

The intermediate and pro level rider will be looking for more strength and width to help support bigger and harder landings. The Lucky Prospect, Lucky Covenant and Lucky Evo are up there competing with the best scooter on the market. You can't be beaten for build quality and style. With bigger deck sizes and wider bars plus 110 mm alloy wheels and fast spinning bearings. These really are the very best skate park blasters.

With such a vast range of Lucky Stunt Scooters available, you really are spoiled for choice. Check out the full collection of stunt scooters from Lucky online at Librance Action Sports.