Pre-Built Skateboards for Children

Kids Skateboards

Kids Skateboards

Our entry level skateboards are perfect for young extreme sport lovers just starting out on their life long skateboarding journeys. At Librance action sports, we have a great range of junior sized boards that are suitable for younger kids right up to teenagers. When choosing a new skateboard, price is a key option, we understand that you are not going to want to spend a lot before you are sure your young one is going to stick at it, to help you with this, we have managed to arranged a collection that is both great quality but also very affordable - You can be satisfied in the knowledge that you are getting the best of both worlds.

Our Rocket and MGP are design with all youngsters in mind. They feature cool graphics with bright colours. The Rocket skateboards have fun prints that would appeal to wee ones. They have slightly smaller deck sizes and stable trucks so they are easier to ride. The MGP (Madd Gear Pro) have more older boyish graphics that would be more suited to older bigger riders. The still have all the great attributes you would expect but with slightly more grown up prints - skulls and crossbones etc.

All our complete kids skateboards are ready made up so there is no building work required. Everything is ready to go, all the trucks, wheels, bearings and nut & bolts are pre assembled to their factory fitting.

Shop through our great Librance Action Sport kids skateboard range and take advantage of our spend over £30 for free shipping service and all our over great offers and reductions.