Protective gear for skateboard, stunt scooters and action sports. Huge range of pads and helmets available for adults and children

Helmets and protective equipment has become even more necessary these days, as our Librance action sport enthusiasts become younger and younger, we need to supply a range of technical goods that can withstand the rigours and stress that all our riders demand. Swegways, Scooters, Longboards and Skateboards are all sporting goods that will require protective items to be worn at all time. Keep your head safe with our range of Harsh HX1 Classic Helmets. They are really lightweight and comfortable with a multi-directional ventilation system that lets air past through the top of the helmet keeping you cool and calm all day.

Our Harsh helmets and pad sets are really very good, they come in a variety of different sizes that will cater for all ages. Their HX1 helmets are designed to have a low snug fit so they feel very comfortable to wear all day long.

The Harsh combo pad sets feature tough, impact resistant, outer hard shells combined with Velcro fastenings to eliminate movement during activity. They come in both adults and junior sizing so all our sport loving boys and girls can have the perfect fitting Harsh Pad set with matching Harsh helmet.