Heely Shoes for Boys and Girls. Accessories, HX1, HX2 available



Heelys are the number one selling shoe for children that have wheels in their soles. We are an Official UK Heely Shop and as you will see the range we stock is huge. Heelys aren't just for children as the sizes go all the way up to a UK adult 11, so you mums and dads can be running and rolling about.

When choosing your Heelys or buying them as a gift there are a few things you need to know. There are two different models of Heelys Shoes as some shoes have one wheel whilst others have two. Some people think the wheels are hidden in the shoes and that there is a switch which flicks them out, but this is not true. The wheels have a small axle running through the centre of the wheel that clicks into the sole of the shoe. If you look at the sole of the Heelys you will see they are deeper than other shoes. This is to make way for the wheel which sits inside a cup. To help carry the speed skateboard bearings are used which fit either side of the wheel.

Choosing Heelys comes down to if you are a complete beginner or not. We would recommend Heelys with two wheels, also known as the Hx2 as they are best for a younger user or someone that has never tried them before. The two wheels gives the user a larger surface area to balance on like a set of skates. Once they have mastered Heelying then the front of the two wheels can be removed. Provided are caps which once wheels are removed can be placed over the cup in the sole to stop dirt catching.

If you know how to Heely then you have a larger range to choose from. This is because you have the one wheeled Heelys and the two heelys (Hx2) as you don't need to put in the second wheel.

Once you know how many wheels you want in the shoe and who they are for you final need to look at the styles. We would always recommend getting the Heelys with the power straps or velcro for the younger user. These shoes are a lot easier to get on plus you won't be getting pestered every minute to tie up the laces. We would also look at the skater style of shoes as these have a lot more padding around the ankle and give a better fit. Our favorite Heelys are the Dual Ups and Bolts as they are perfect for Boys and Girls and have the fixed laces and power strap.

The Converse style of Heelys which are the Pure are definitely better for users with Size UK 1 or above. Everything else is self explanatory but if you do need anything please either click on any of the Heelys or get in contact via email, Facebook or Instagram. We always have new styles arriving but if there is a style we have sold out on but you would like we can see if we can order them in for you.