Heely Accessories including wheel, foot plates and bearings

Heelys Accessories

Heelys Accessories

Replacement Wheels, Laces and Base Plates

Need new wheels or spare laces for your favourite Heelys? Check out our brand new Heelys accessories section where you find all the spares you need. The wheels on your Heelys will wear down from time to time, you will most likely grow out of your Heelys before the wheels need changed but it's always good to know that your get buy new ones if needed. Changing the wheels is easier than ever now and we have all the common sizes for both single wheeled Heelys and the newer Heelys HX2 two wheeled styles. The most common size in the two wheel HX2 styles are S/M. Small in the front and Medium in the back.

Heelys Shop

Check out the full selection of Heelys wheels and accessorises at Librance Action Sports, there has never been a better time to update your Heelys to a new look ready for Summer, plus remember we ship all orders of just £30 absolutely Free.