Grit Stunt Scooters from Beginners to Intermediate. Extremist, Fluxx, Tremor models

Grit Stunt Scooters

Grit Stunt Scooters

Grit Scooters

Grit Stunt Scooters are affordable high-quality Stunt Scooters. These make for amazing products across a range of reasonably priced scooters for all ages and abilities. We are so happy to be able to stock this wicked scooter brand at Librance because we can be sure that we are selling the very best in quality.

Beginner Grit Scooters

The entry level scooter from Grit is perfectly designed for wee ones and younger riders who are looking to start. Their durable construction of 6061 treated alloy has loads of extra strength and weight reduction, which is great because not only are they now lightweight to help in learning new tricks and stunts, but they are also much more durable with the ability to withstand loads of abuse.

Grit 2018 Scooters

Earlier this year, we revealed the brand new 2017 collection of stunt scooters from Grit. With a strong range last year, Grit have stepped their game up even further with fresh styling and designs across all their models, from entry level to intermediate and expert performance scooters.

The new diverse and broad range has a scooter for everyone no matter the age or ability of the rider. The entry level Grit Atom, Grit Extremist and Grit Fluxx allow our younger and junior riders to experience the thrill of stunt scooters for the first time. They are built to be lightweight and user-friendly, great for developing and learning new tricks that can be taken to the streets and local skateparks. The Grit Elite, Grit Tremor and Grit Invader are our intermediate and pro level ability scooters. Any rider who has had a number of scooters before and is looking for the next big thing to take their performance to the next level can benefit from one of these. They are bigger, so have more stability when landing bigger tricks and jumps. The wider deck sizes allow you to go big in the skate park taking your skills to even higher limits.

Check out the full range of Grit Stunt Scooters for all skill levels at Librance Action Sports.