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Grit Stunt Scooters 2017

An unbeatable guide to the Full Grit Range

Everything you need to know about the new models

The brand new 2017 range of Grit Stunt Scooters have been launched. This new and diverse collection sees an improvement across all models - The Atom, The Extremist, The Fluxx Mini, The Fluxx, The Elite, The Mayhem, The Tremor and The Invader. Along with the new upgrades, the new 2017 Grit Stunt Scooters have some wicked new colorways that represent the iconic brand so well. The ever growing Grit Professional Stunt Scooter team take these new scooters to the top of their game. The world number one Jordan Clark and world number two Ben Thomas both ride for Grit!

The Atom is Grit’s Entry level Complete Two Wheeled Stunt Scooter, this junior model is great for all younger boys and girls looking to get started on the scooter journey. The 4 Inch deck size is perfect for little feet and the 500 mm tall bars are just the right height to aid with balance and stability. The Grit Atom Complete Stunt Scooter is affordable and great value for money for under £65.

Next up is the Grit Fluxx. This hardwearing scooter has been in Grit’s collections for years and has never dipped in popularity. A step up from the Atom sees a stronger Neco Sealed Headset and much more durable Grit Alloy cast 100 mm wheels with faster spinning Abec 9 bearings. These upgrades allow this scooter to cater for entry level and intermediate level riders. Both standards can see the benefits and the longer term durability.

The Grit Elite Complete Stunt Scooter is regarded as the benchmark for Grit’s competitors to follow. An iconic scooter that has graced skateparks worldwide and helped developed countless young riders to the highest standard. The 4 Inch wide heat treated skeletonized deck has three degrees of concave. Hi tensile Rider handlebars are 540mm in height by 460mm width. The Grit Elite Complete Stunt Scooter has a tight Neco sealed headset and that will keep you going to even the toughest skate sessions. This unique stunt scooter appeals to junior riders and teenagers, ranging from beginner to intermediate level.

Any riders looking to take their skills and performance to the next level will love the new 2017 Grit Mayhem Complete Stunt Scooter. Bigger deck and bar sizes at 4.8 Inch and 584 mm wide. These increased sizes allow for even bigger tricks and harder landings. If you want to go big in the skatepark, you’ll need a Grit stunt scooter to support you.

The 2017 Grit Tremor and Grit Invader Models are at the top of the range. These stunt scooters deliver only the very best in Stunt Scooter performance and exceptional quality, reliability and overall strength. Everything you have come to expect for one of the most iconic and popular scooter brands in the industry.

With such a new and exciting portfolio of stunt scooters, there is no better way to study them than seeing them up close, thankfully our new showroom is open to the public so you can view the new collection in its entirety and decide which model you are going to for. Our Librance showroom is located in the Clydebank Business Park, just a short car journey from Glasgow city centre. All our Grit Complete Stunt Scooters are on display for your viewing pleasure.