Girls Heelys Full Collection

Girls Heelys Full Collection

Girls Heelys Full Collection

Girls Heelys

If you are looking for Girls Heelys then you have found the complete collection here at Librance. There are two models of Girls Heelys, the HX1 and the HX2 and the difference is the number of wheels which can be mounted.

Firstly, when sizing your Girls Heelys please note that all Heelys apart from the canvas models should be purchased one size bigger than what the user is as they are small made. We put it down to the padding used in their skater style shoes.  The canvas style however don't have any padding which means the user should always buy the exact size they are. If you are looking at the canvas shoes and the user is smaller than a UK 1, we would recommend going for a skater style shoe.The skater Heelys come with either a power strap with elastic laces or velcro straps which as the user is generally younger with smaller feet is easier for them to put on and secure compared to the lases.

Heelys with One and Two Wheels

OK, so now we know the two different models and what you should be looking at in terms of sizing, lets briefly talk about these two different Girls Heelys and what might be best for you. If the user has never owned Girls Heelys before then you definitely need to buy the HX2 as they have two wheels. Having two wheels means it is easier to get your balance and roll on the wheels. The wheels are both in the heel but once the user has learned to use the Heelys you can always pop out the front wheel, replace with the Heely cap (prevents dirt getting trapped in wheel housing) and use the Heelys as a shoe with one wheel. If the user knows how to ride Heelys then they can choose either the HX2 or the HX1 as they will only use the one wheel.

Cheap Heelys for Girls

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