Electric Scooters from JD Bug and City Bug

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters for Kids

Travel in style with the range of Electric Scooters from Librance Action Sports. These Eco-friendly scooters feature rechargeable batteries that will typically see you travelling at speeds up to 10 mph with a massive range of 20km. Each charge gives a run time of approximately 40 minutes. Simple and easy to use. All you do is push off with one foot (to avoid putting too much pressure on the engine) and once you get going use the thumb throttle. To stop, push back on the brake pad at the back and step off.

Eco Friendly Scooters

 As these scooters are powered solely by electricity, there's no CO2 pollution whatsoever, making them ideal for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are our electric scooters environmentally friendly, but they are also incredibly convenient. With a simple flick of a switch on the lever at the front of the scooter, you can have it folded down in seconds.

Best Electric Scooter Brands

At Librance, you'll find electric scooters from some of the leading brands on the market, including CityBug 2 and JD Bug. Available in a range of funky colours for you to choose from. The JD Bug electric scooters have a charge time of between 2.5 and 8 hours, while the CityBug Electric Scooters have a charge time of around 3 hours, so are perfect for people on the go. Buy your Electric Scooter online today at Librance Action Sports, and enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom. Remember to wear the appropriate protection while exploring destinations on your eScooter.