Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboards

Electric Longboards aren’t just a thing of the future, we stock them and they are probably one of the coolest items we around. We only stock brands that have a solid reputation and have complete test results as safety is so important to us. All of the electric skateboards are of premium build quality being the timber used to build the deck, the aluminium forged trucks, the components making up the brushless motor and the lithium battery. Our Electric Longboards are very competitively priced with some great cheap options to start off with moving up top the carbon fiber models with dual motors.

The purpose of the electric longboards is to propel you along effortlessly without pushing. The brushless motor is powered by a lithium battery but controlled by a remote control in your hand. The control has a lever which when pushed forward speeds up the electric skateboard, likewise when brought back to the neutral position slows you down. Turning is the exact same as skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing as you lean from side to side.

We like to get as much feedback as possible from our customers to why and where they use their products and we have found with the electric longboards that many of our customers have bought for commuting to work and to cut about their local parks. We have always said there is a market for last mile devices as often it’s the last mile that takes some time when using public transport. The advantage of the electric skateboards is that they are easy to carry and once you have reached your destination they will charge within a couple of hours.

The electric longboards are very competitively priced but if you see an item “like for like” on a competitors site please click the price match tab as we can always see if we are able to better them. One thing we do offer is a fast and reliable delivery service which is free out of our warehouse which is based in the West of Scotland in Clydebank.

If you would like to know anything else concerning the electric longboards or any of the parts we sell for aftercare please get in touch on the above number where a team member will answer your questions.