City Bug Electric Scooters.

City Bug Scooters

City Bug Scooters

City Bug Scooters

City Bug Electric Scooters are taking it to the next level. The CityBug 2 has got to be the favourite and the is incredibly environmentally friendly with absolutely zero CO2 pollution produced.

When it comes to your daily commute, easy hassle-free transport is the key. That's what you get with a City Bug Electric Scooter. With a simple flick of the lever at the front of the scooter, it can be folded down and ready to go in seconds. The eco-friendly electric scooter carries a 36-volt battery that has the power to propel you up to a super quick 10 mph. The battery's range will have you going up to 20 km between charges so you can travel in speed and style. With hidden cables and wires, the CityBug 2 looks extremely sleek and cool.

The City Bug handle bars are easily adjusted so you can find the most comfortable setting for you. Push off with your feet to get the motor started and then simply push the handle bars forward to accelerate and pull back to decelerate. The motion is very smooth and purposeful. It's not jerky or sudden, so you can cruise around town in ultimate control.

City Bug Electric Scooters

We love this City Bug scooter at Librance HQ, it feels so natural and easy to ride. We honestly can't recommend this product enough. The other cool aspect of this stylish scooter is that every time you ride to work or for fun, you are reducing your carbon footprint because you are riding an environmentally friendly scooter. So, after a hard day's use, you can sleep well at night knowing that you made a difference to our atmosphere by ditching the car!

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