Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk has been a household name in skateboarding since forever. The name is instantly recognizable with the sport and there is no better front man to help get more and more children into skateboarding. Tony Hawk has been considered to be the best skateboarder that has ever been, now we need loads of new mini Tony Hawks to grow into future super stars. What better place to begin their careers than with their very own Tony Hawk skateboard - These special complete set ups have been designed and created by the man himself. They are just the ideal place to start when you are thinking of buying your very first complete skateboard. High durable quality yet an affordable price tag, what's not to like.

Librance Action Sports love these Tony Hawk complete set up skateboards, we've been so lucky to supply our local skaters with these great boards since the beginning and now it's your turn to continue the skateboarding trend. Shop through our great full collection and choose your new Tony Hawk complete set up skateboard wisly because its going to be the start of a long love affair with this great global sport.