JD Bug

JD BUG is a household name when it comes to stunt scooters, foldable kids scooters and electric scooters. They have been sold for a number of years in the UK and is a brand we can trust because of their quality build. It's the quality that has always been their priority but delivering items at a relatively cheap price.

At Librance we stock a number of JD Bug products. At their premium end we have the JD Bug Fun Series Electric Scooters. These mean machines travel up to 15 mph and only take a few hours to charge. We have found them ideal for commuting but then on the other hand kids flying around their grounds. There are a couple of models which contain different batteries. For information on these please look at these models as we go into great details about the differences

If it isn't speed you're looking for and want to buy your child their first scooter then the JD Bug Originals is what you want. Huge range of colours to start off with. Very few brands in the scooter industry have this size of range. The scooters collapse up which means transporting or carrying is easy. This doesn’t mean your fun now stops once you have dropped them off at the school gates as they have adjustable bars. This means you can increase their height to suit your needs. What also makes the original scooters great for the kids are the soft grips meaning they are very comfortable for the user and the breaks are spring loaded. A lot of scooters have what is called a flex fender which can be hard to use when applying pressure. The spring loaded breaks only need the slightest of touch to slow the back wheel down.

If there is anything else you would like to know about the JD Bug Range please get in touch. If there is a model we don’t stock we will happily order it in for you.