Grit Stunt Scooters at the Official UK Scooter Shop. The brand new 2017 range from Grit Scooters sees the super popular, affordable collection of great quality scooters back again and the full selection including the Grit Fluxx, Grit Elite, Grit Mayhem, Grit Tremor and Grit Invader has been re imagined with some new features and designs. Grit Scooters have always been really good value for money and that hasn't changed with these new models. There are loads to choose from, no matter what standard you are, there will be the perfect Grit Scooter for your needs.

The Grit Fluxx has been the go to stunt scooter for thousands of kids when they are buying their 1st or 2nd scooter. It has everything needed to get started in the skatepark. The Grit Fluxx has a generally smaller deck size, which makes the scooter lightweight. A light weight scooter is easier to control giving the rider the best chance of perfecting tricks and stunts. The Grit Fluxx comes in a great choice of fresh colours, with the iconic Laser Blue and Laser Green colours being repeated again this year.

The Grit Elite Stunt Scooter is one of the very best all round models to go for, Its suitable for both aspiring juniors looking to develop their skills further and seasoned riders that required a super hard wearing scooter that doesn't cost a fortune and still gives them everything they need to continue learning new tricks. The Grit Elite Stunt Scooter has a bigger deck size and wider bars, a stronger compression and bigger clamp. Check out the fresh new 2017 colours as well.

The Grit Tremor and Mayhem Stunt Scooters are a step up in performance, they still have a lot of the great quality that the Grit Elite have to offer but are bigger still in size and heavier in weight, they will allow you to go bigger in the skate park. A wider, heavier stunt scooter helps to support your landings better.

The Grit Invader Stunt Scooter is the top model in the 2017 Grit range. Check out the impressive specifications and components it has and check out the wicked Battle handle bars it comes with.

Founded in Australia, Grit Scooters have become one of the fastest growing scooter brand in the world due to producing some of the most advanced pro scooter complete set ups and after market components in todays industry. The components they produce are great for also mixing with other branded scooters too. The company work closely with their team of highly skilled engineers and team riders to constantly improve on and challenge the world of scootering.

Grit Scooters is one of the most well known stunt scooter brands which is reflected by the sheer talent of their hand picked pro team including the current World Scooter Champion, Jordan Clark. From smaller grom style models to professional completes, here at Librance we have picked the best in Grit Scooters for you to shop now at some unbeatable prices.