Fasen Scooters were born out of the Blunt/Envy brand, and launched with Brendan Smith heading the team up. Their unique range of style and strength is designed for the more core rider, wanting some of the most market leading designs and technical features seen in their scooter wheels, bars and decks. Fasen represents a more mature brand than it's brother Blunt/Envy and combining Brendan Smiths experience as a rider alongside the manufacturing skill of the Blunt/Envy team, Fasen Scooters were born in 2013. The products are typically designs with clean finish, minimalist finishes and a futuristic look.
With Brendan's help, Fasen was able to develop and implement a number of features on their scooters. The products are supported by Dinny over at Blunt / Envy, to ensure the quality of the products manufactured in the factory are of excellent quality.
Fasen, top products include the Raven Scooter Series, their decks, wheels, forks etc. which are designed to be as lightweight as possible, this was one of Brendan Smith's most important goals in product development due to his park style of riding. Fasen are constantly releasing fresh finishes and in particular their galaxy decks are getting real attention from riders.