Crisp Complete Stunt Scooters originate from the other side of the world where the sun shines in Australia. While they have a big selection of brilliant stunt scooters to choose from, we have found the Crisp Ultima, Inception and the Evolution to be our biggest and best sellers. These new Crisp scooters have a great build quality and the styling is very modern. Having such amazing looks is no mistake, they have taken a lot of time and effort into the new designs with the help of their Pro team members. Their professional riders play a huge role in working with the product developers to constantly push the boundaries of stunt scooter capabilities.

Crisp Inception is a great scooter for beginner riders and younger boys and girls that want their very first two wheeled stunt scooter. The Crisp Inception has a tonne of great features that make it stand out in the beginner market. The lightweight 4.5 Inch deck has a new Quadri downtube, 110 mm wheel with abec 9 bearings. The inception also comes with HIC compression so you get loads of great features from this affordable scooter.

The Crisp Ultima is a step up from the entry level inception. The bigger 4.8 Inch deck provides a more stable base for landing bigger tricks. 110mm wheels with fast abec 9 bearings teamed with a solid HIC compression offers the rider a durable intermediate standard stunt scooter that can really hold its own in the skatepark.

Crisp thankfully don't just make complete stunt scooters, they also make various components including SCS clamps, bars, decks and headsets which are integrated and semi integrated depending on your scooter deck. The wheels all have an aluminium core and come in 3 sizes being 100mm, 110mm and the 125mm so there customisation options are huge ranging from just a few changes to a full custom build with your own design and styling. At Librance we know how much you all love to have your own personal touch on your favourite stunt scooters so not only do we thrive to stock the very latest Crisp Stunt Scooters we also stock as many accessories as we can get our hands on so all our riders can choose their own components.