The CityBug Electric Scooters

Beat the rush hour traffic and travel in style with the CityBug 2 Electric Folding scooters. The highly efficient battery powered scooter will have you travelling at up to 10 mph with a massive range of 15-18 km on a single charge. A typical charge time is just 3 hours. The CityBug Scooters are so easy to ride, a gentle push forward on the handle bars will slowly ease you up to speed, pull back and you will decelerate. The CityBug 2 Scooter is good for your environment! The CityBug 2 produces no co2 pollution whatsoever. The sophisticated 36v Lithium-ion battery technology, which ensures maximum intervals between charging, means that your actual carbon footprint becomes smaller every day. Grab your smart CityBug today and start exploring your city like you never have before. Travel miles with ease and get to places you never knew existed. There are two colours available - Ice White or Smooth Black. Once you are done for the day, pull the level at the front and your new scooter fold down, ready to be stored away safe for another day of adventure.