Bones Bearings are the number one choice for any Skateboarder or Scooter rider. This brand has heritage and whilst every other brand makes great bearings, non of the live up to Bones Reds, or their Ceramic Bearings which will last a long time. They all try and copy what Bones Reds have internally as they carry their speed for a long time. The ceramic bones bearings will destroy any dirt that gets inside and for the price they can't be beaten.

Our Bones Reds Bearings come in an 8 pack which are ideal for and Skateboarding or for Longboards. But, if you are looking for a replacement set for a wheel then we sell the two pack. Don't forget if you are buying new bearings for your roller skates that you need to get two packs as for every four wheels you will need eight bearings.

If you would like any more information on any of our skateboard bearings or the Bones Reds, then please get in touch.