Rocker BMX and Rocker Mini BMX Bikes as they get called are the Original Mini BMX Bikes that kids and adults love to ride. Check out our latest stock of Cheap Mini IROK BMX in Royal, Raw, Seafoam and Titanic colours. These brand new colours have just been released and are super popular.

The new Raw, Titanic and Atlantis Mini Rocker BMX Bikes have just been fitted with the latest Coaster technology which have just been added to a few of the newest models. The new Coasters allows you to pedal your Rocker forwards as you would normally. However when you go backwards i.e. fakie the pedals do not rotate, allowing you to coast freely in reverse, this is great for the skateparks and having a laugh with your mates.

The Rocker Mini BMX Bikes will be seen up and down the country in most skate parks and whilst they look strange compared to a standard BMX, but they are just as much fun. The handle bars, peddles are the same size but everything else is shrunk down.

The most popular Cheap Mini BMX Bike in the UK is the Rocker BMX. Looking at the build quality against many other brands we found the Mini Rocker Bikes to be the best. We have sampled a number of Mini Bikes at our local Skate park and what stood out with the Rocker BMX Bikes were the tyre and hub quality. We found they rolled very well and were grippy when riding the walls. Other brands have cheap rubber, almost feeling like plastic which on any vert didn't hold causing the rear wheel to slip and slide out. The Rocker Mini BMX bikes now come with a coaster, again another nice feature when in the skate park. These are found on the IROK 3 models which we stock in a number of colours.

Check out our full Rocker Mini BMX Bike range at Librance Action Sports, we always offer very competitive prices along with our year long offers and discounts. We also send each Rocker Mini BMX Bike with Fast Free UK Delivery so you can start riding and having fun ASAP.