Blazer Pro

Blazer Pro Stunt Scooters have some of the very best value for money scooters you can buy, they offer superb value and don't lack in quality either. The Blazer Pro stunt scooters manufacture a very vast range of kids scooters designed for beginners and advanced riders, so if you are just starting out and are looking for your very first two wheeled scooter or if you need a new scooter that can perform in the skatepark, there is a Blazer Pro Stunt Scooter for all ages and abilities.

The Blazer Eon Stunt Scooter is very stable and has a number of great features like alloys wheels and fast spinning bearings that will get you up to speed with learning tricks and stunts in no time. The Blazer Eon is lightweight yet durable so it's the perfect combination for younger boys and girls.

The Blazer Sonar Stunt Scooter is a step up from the Blazer Eon with an semi integrated headset with HIC compression making it more durable and reliable and it still features the iconic modern design with alloy core wheels and Abec 9 bearings.

The Blazer Pro Diamond Stunt Scooter has a load of great components that make it really stand out. Bigger bars and deck size than the previous model but still just as lightweight. This scooter has a great look and will suit a number of different standard riders, it is really versatile and a great all rounder.

The Blazer Pro Titan Series Scooters including the Iris and Medusa models are where you see the biggest jump in structural design and size. The Blazer Pro Titan scooters have a wider 115 mm deck and a full integrated sealed headset with HIC compression, they have bigger 110 mm wheels for a faster smoother ride. Overall the Titan Blazer Scooters allow you to go bigger and harder in the skatepark, a wider, slightly heavier scooter supports you better on harder landings.

Check out the latest Blazer Pro Stunt Scooters are Librance Action Sports. We have such a great selection to choose from for every budget. Blazer Pro keep their prices affordable so more and more kids have access and the opportunity to get into the great sport and have fun.