Boys Heelys with two wheels. The Boys HX2 can be seen below

Boys HX2

Boys HX2

Two Wheeled Boys Heelys

Our team have hand picked a great selection of Heelys to suit all ages. The Heelys HX2 are a great starting point for any child starting out on their first pair. HX2 stands for Heelys 2 wheel, with a larger wheel at the back and smaller at the front. The combination of 2 wheels works well for the younger or first timer to stabilise them and balance over a wider surface to level them out.

Heelys HX2 

Many the of HX2 models like the Dual Up come with elasticated mock laces so your child can easily slip them on with out the addition of having to tie laces and a high velcro strap to secure the foot in place, easy for a child do themself. These shoes come in a huge range of colours so you'll be sure to find what you are looking for.