Boys Heelys with One wheel. The HX1 for boys can be seen below

Boys HX1

Boys HX1

Heelys for Boys

So choosing the perfect Heelys can be a daunting task but here's some info on our popular boys HX1 models to keep you right. When you've mastered the HX2 shoes with 2 wheels which make it slightly easier to balance or if you already have great balance from inline or skateboarding, why not try out the more advanced HX1 one wheeled Heelys. A little more tricky for beginners but due to the one large wheel make it easier for sharper turns. This also means spins and tricks are easier rather than 2 wheels which are more suited to cruising.

Heelys Skate Shoe

HX1 Heelys are a more grown up style many taking form of a slick looking skate shoe with contrasting colours. Many also come with 2 sets of laces to style them up whichever way you choose. Shop for Boys Heelys at Librance Action Sports, we have a great selection to choose from and sent all orders of just £30 and over with FREE UK Delivery.