Librance Relocates!

  • Posted on: 10th August 2018
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We've moved!  To all of our loyal customers, both in Scotland and in the UK, we have some news! We've relocated ourselves to the sunny location of Poole in Dorset.  We're so thankful to all of you who chose to shop with us at our Clydesbank store, your custom was and always will be an absolute honour to us but we have had to move on.  It's our miss… Read more

Grit 2017 Stunt Scooters

  • Posted on: 19th September 2016

Librance is pleased to announce that the 2017 range of Grit Stunt Scooters has landed and we couldn’t be more excited. Grit Pro Scooters are known for producing some of the best and most advanced complete stunt scooters on the market. They use the latest computer aided design techniques as well as listening to and acting on the feedback from their team riders to… Read more

Globber Kids First Scooters Complete

  • Posted on: 05th September 2016

We are sure that every parent has been asked the question “When can I do that?” This question is normally greeted with the response “When you are older.” Librance’s range of Globber Scooters can now change that response to “You can start doing it right now. You don’t have to wait until you are older.” The world of scoote… Read more