Blazer Pro Stunt Scooters and Accessories

Blazer Pro Scooters

Blazer Pro Scooters

Blazer Pro Stunt Scooters and Accessoires

Blazer Pro Scooters are a UK brand which has been leading the way in the stunt scooter industry for some time. Knowing the UK market means they are always coming up with great scooters, funky designs that don't cost a huge amount. At Librance we stock the complete range of Blazer Pro Scooters and accompanying accessories to suit every budget. If you are looking to build a custom scooter, then Blazer produce Decks, Forks, Wheels, Headsets and more to ensure your stunt scooter like no other. Their stunt pegs are great as they have an extra-long bolt meaning that they will fit most scooters, which is why their products are so adaptable.

Complete Blazer Pro

If you aren't looking to build a custom scooter, but would rather pick a pre-built Blazer Pro Scooter then depending on your level (or the level of the user if it is a gift) this brand has every angle covered for riders of all ages. The entry level Blazer Pro Decay is the perfect choice for a young rider or someone that has never had a stunt scooter. Available in a huge range of colours, this is an easy scooter to maintain as it has threadless forks with a HIC system. Stepping up from the Decay is the Mosaic and Spectre Stunt Scooters. These have faster bearings in the wheels, oversized bars and a slightly wider deck. This is handy when you are landing a tail whip or when grinding on boxes, as the larger surface area makes it easier to keep your balance. The latest model from Blazer Pro Scooters is the Titan, which Librance stock in the mental Neo Chrome. This scooter is amazing! It is loaded with all the top professional features and the Neo Chrome (Oil Slick) design is sick. This is, by far for the money, the ultimate Stunt Scooter and gets our 5-star rating.

Blazer Pro Range for Sale

If there are any key features you would like to know a bit more about please get in touch as our team will happily take you over everything. All of our Blazer Pro Scooters have FREE delivery out of our online UK Shop and Next Working Day is also available, so shop the collection online at Librance Action Sports today.