Longboards For Beginners

Beginner Longboards

Finding the perfect longboard can be tricky at first. There are now so many options, that it can be hard to know where to start. Here at Librance HQ, we have handpicked some really great pre built complete longboards. These are perfect for beginners, choose between both pin tail and drop through designs, either way you can be sure you are getting value for money and a board that will help you grow and gain confidence so you can learn to skate faster and steeper hills. Our Beginner longboards have everything you need to get going, all the components including the trucks, wheels, bearings, deck + all the nuts and bolts have been factory fitted so all you need to do is jump on a skate. General maintenance and adjustments are common, just to make sure your trucks are tight enough, you can tinker with them after you have been riding for a few days, just give the king pin a quarter turn on each truck, this should give you enough to find your perfect setting. Check out the top brands that we have to offer a Librance including Santa Cruz, Urban Blue, Ram Longboards, D-Street, Arbor and Lush. A slightly smaller deck size will become more of a cruiser, quick, tighter, more agile turns can be created. This style of longboard is great fun and will appeal to loads of boys and girls. If you fancy going faster, you will be looking for a deck is that is a little larger. The extra size just provides a more balanced stable platform to ride on.