Back to School Backpacks



Everybody loves getting a new school bag each year. Get ready for the next school term with one of our fancy Skate and Stunt Scooter school bags. We have something for everyone, Primary or High school ages.

Our smaller School bags are perfect for younger children that need something lightweight and compact. They still have loads of space for lunch boxes, folders and jotters + handy pencil case holders. They are available for all the very best brands in the industry so you can always find the perfect style you want.

Our bigger Skate and Stunt Scooter school bags actually have handy straps on the back of the bag that you can attach your favourite skateboard or scooter onto once you get to school. Simply undo the straps, place the board on top and strap back into place - easy peesy. These bags tend to be bigger and harder wearing. The have larger compartments for all your school stuff and for the older kids, they have hidden storage space for laptops, Ipads and phones.

With some many top brands and styles to choose from, check out the full bag range at Librance Action Sports to find your favourite and why not benefit from our cheaper prices and offers.